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The real truth behind religion, according to "A Course In Miracles"

Opdateret: 23. sep. 2019

The religion of God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Mother Mary is beyond measure or words. The philosophy and mysteries are endless, and I will not claim that I know anything, for this religion, or rather, this practice is so sacred and holy that the only truth you should listen to, is the one it can offer, itself.

I do however know a little something of the misperceptions, misunderstandings and misuse of this religion. As with other religions. And I would like to clear these misunderstandings away, in order for more people to use the gorgeous principles of religion to their advantage.

Many people are scared of religion today. No wonder! For centuries it has been used to control people with fear, control people's economy and to kill and force people to convert against their will. Religion has as beautiful a history as a horrible one. But only mankind made it horrible. Of itself, religion, when used as intended, is the most miraculous that exists.

Let me clear out a few basic misunderstandings:

1) We are all sinless and guiltless. This is because we were created in God's image. We are all innocent children of God, no matter what we do. This is why God doesn't need to forgive us, because he doesn't judge us, he already knows us because he created us. It is us only, that need his forgiveness and mercy in order to feel better. But do not identify yourself with your body or personality, for what God created is your soul, and your soul will always be perfect and innocent. Do you think he would ever create horrible people? No. What people become today, is up to them, because God has given us free will, because that is his love. To give us freedom. However, God will always do everything he can to help us, but we can only have the amount of help we need, by the size of our willingness to recieve the help.

2) You will never go to hell just because you don't believe in God. God doesn't care whether you believe or not, because he is always with you no matter what you do, think or believe. He only cares about your wellbeing. He only wish you happiness, peace and love, nothing else. God doesn't believe in punishment, he only believes in love, because he knows that love is the only thing that will ever heal us and help us change if needed. (our personality may need change, our soul is always perfectly impact because it is an extension of God).

3) There is no hell when you die. Only heaven. The only hell/devil/satan that exists is in your head. Not in the world. When God or Jesus talks about hell, then they talk about the imprisonment you create in your own head with negative thinking and your ego. This is the only hell that exists.

4) You don't have to be worthy or do sacrifice to get to heaven. We are ALL equal, no matter what, because we were all created by God, but especially because we are all one. We are all deeply connected. Separation by bodies is an illusion, we are all united as one in spirit. However, the access to heaven actually only depends on us. We cannot enter into heaven with fear. Heaven is a state of mind, a magical place, a glorious kingdom. But we can only enter if we have a clear alter. (A clear mind). What you put on the alter, is altered. Do you put fear on the altar, then it will be strengthened and you maintain yourself in hell and block miracles to arrive. Do you put peace, love and calmness on the altar, it will be altered and you will feel heaven.

5) The call for salvation is for all of us, but few care to listen. Once again, the amount of help, blessing and healing you will get, is determined by your willingness to listen, to be open and receptive. God is as dependent on us as we are on him, because we are his creation.

6) God is Love and nothing else. So every time you feel love, you feel God. Because we all know, that love is the only and most powerful, pure energy that exists. How can something so beautiful not be God then? In God's eyes, the only reality that exists, is a reality based on love. For Him, everything that has to do with fear is an illusion and not real. This is the biggest proof, that God would never try to control or punish with fear. God never demands anything neither, because He says that demanding is arrogance. Once again, he would never violate our free will, because he truly loves us, and he loves us all equally.

7) We are all sinless and guiltless and our mistakes are illusions based on fear. However, when we act with lovelessness and hurt others, God has created the Atonement for us. Not because God needs it, but because WE need it. God can help you undo your errors and correct them. So every time you have done something bad you simply say: "Dear God I atone for (...), please help me to correct my errors and undo what I have done". Then God will always help you by changing your thoughts, which will change the reality around you.

God created the atonement, in order for you not to feel guilt, because feeling guilt is painful and suffering, and He wishes no suffering for anybody. Therefore The Atonement is a liberation created especially for us. When we try to put guilt in others by blaming, we suffer too, because we stay affected by our circumstances and especially our thoughts about them. Both attack and defense is attack, and anything we do to others we do to ourselves. Believing is not the most important, it is the experience, and the experience will make you believe.

8) You are not impure or deceiving God if you get a divorce. God doesn't say that there is one special person that you must spend the rest of your life with. Only the ego says this, in order to keep you in prisonment of fear. You search for the perfect partner, but no one is above anybody else, cause we are all equal, that is why it is impossible to find "the one". Especially because people usually break up and move on to the next one, if the "perfect person" suddenly shows it's ugly sides.

In God's eyes, every encounter is a relationship. Every situation is a relationship. And every relationship has a spiritual assignment for you. A teaching, to help you heal and grow. Relationships never end, they only change form. A marriage, is a sacred invitation to The Holy Spirit. In marriage, you allow yourself to be guided and supported by "a mystical third", which is The Holy Spirit.

This Spirit, is here to help, support and heal the relationship no matter what it goes through, and this is why marriage can be so powerful. A marriage, is a beautiful partnership, where two people only bless each other by sharing their happiness, and through their companionship, they help the world.

However, you don't have to be married to get help from The Holy Spirit! Invite Him in every single relationship you are in, and He will miraculously purify the relationship and translate it into holiness. The Holy Spirit is our inner teacher, our inner guidance.

Besides, God would never want you to stay in a marriage/relationship that is directly unhealthy and destructive for you. God only wishes you love, peace, growth and happiness.

9) God doesn't arrive at the last minute in chaos just because he didn't want to arrive before. It's only because it's not until things get really bad, that we suddenly realize we can't do anything by ourselves, and that we really need support from that which is bigger than us. Suddenly we only believe, when someone close to us gets cancer, or we, ourselves get in an accident, or earthquakes and terrorism tremble humanity.

But dear people, God is always there, waiting for us, no matter the size of our problems. The slightest invitation is heard. The quietest whisper of prayer is heard and always answered, if our mind is still enough to listen.

10) We don't have to be worthy of God's help or earn his mercy or respect. All of God's gifts is already given us. But we do have to practice love and to pray, to meditate, to forgive and to atone, just in order to feel the benefits. It is ONLY for ourselves! Yes we do have to give our time and our energy to God (to love), but not to deserve God... It is just to feel the benefits of God's Gifts, which are perfect peace, perfect happiness, perfect light, love and calmness. That's it.

11) God doesn't demand or require or force. He does however, wish, hope and expect us to behave a certain way. He use his son Jesus and Mother Mary to show us the examples of how to behave on earth. Jesus shows us the example of always giving love and always forgiving. He shows men, how to behave like men. He is a messenger for his Father. He shows us how to live without fear and how to be Princes and Kings of peace. Mother Mary shows women, how to be perfect women. How to love, how to care, how to support and always be there. She helps us with womanhood, transitions and how to live without fear too. Holy Mary is purifying, kind, forgiving and guiding. She shows us to be Princesses and Queens of Peace.

It is not because we are not perfect that we need God, Jesus and Mother Mary - we basically need them, because we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten that we already are perfect, deep inside. Then, God, Jesus and Mother Mary are above all, here, to teach us the Remembrance of who we really are, and how to get back to our perfect, sacred, peaceful, loving, holy selves.

God made his Son Jesus, in order to mediate to humanity between earth and heaven, otherwise the distance to God would be too far. Mother Mary mediates between the churces and Jesus, in order to bring us faster and more effectively closer to Jesus and therefore closer to God. This is why praying to all of them gives the most miraculous benefits in life. The Holy Rosary prayer is meant to be the most powerful prayer on earth, and can help you with anything.

12) When Jesus "Died on the cross for our sins", it doesn't mean: "You better behave well because Jesus did a huge sacrifice for you!" In God's eyes, sacrifice does not exist. It is a product of the ego, to make us think, that when we sacrifice ourselves we are good, and yet depriving ourselves at the same time and therefore lacking. There is no such thing. What is really meant behind Jesus dying for our sins, is God showing us, that no matter what is done to us, no matter how much we suffer as humans, we can ALWAYS ressurect and overcome the evils of this world. We are untouchable, because we are extensions of God. God is light, and darkness can't exist in his light. Therefore, when you are connected to your soul, your inner light, your inner love, your extension of God, then no dark can ever touch you.

So say quietly to yourself everytime you get affected by your circumstances or negative thoughts: "The Christ in me cannot be crucified" - in other words: "The real me, made of love, is untouchable".


I hope this cleared out some of the biggest misunderstandings and misuse of this otherwise incredibly beautiful religion. This world would be perfect, if we only saw each other as innocent perfect souls of God. If we realized, that only God can judge and heal, not us, then we would learn how to leave each other in peace. We would know, that when others do mistakes, they are just confused by their fears, and not being their real selves. Then you can help them with your forgiveness, and by reminding them, of who they really are, just like God do for us.

If you want to use the beautiful principles from christianity, then I really highly recommend that you read the book "A Course In Miracles", because it is a book that purifies all the misunderstandings that mankind has made out of it's religion. This book also helps you with every step in your life, and changes your whole thinking system from fear to love.

The principles you will see in christianity, you can actually see them everywhere. In every religion. In every person. In every situation. It doesn't even have to be put in religious terms. It is a practice of love. A basic cosmic reality, that you can feel anywhere, because you can put love anywhere.

Therefore, in the end, God is actually a cosmic religion, because God is in everything and everywhere. All we have to do is to listen quietly for guidance, and to live lovingly.

In love & Light


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